IOST’s Progress In Compliance With Japanese Blockchain Regulations

End Users

Open-Source Platform Management

IOST DApp Ecosystem Overview

Establish Industrial Standards To Promote Compliance Progress In DApp Industry


  • The amount of casino DApps is below 15% of all DApps
  • Active users of casino DApps only represent less than 15% of the total user volume.
  • Transaction number and volume for casino DApps represent less than 20% and 2% of the total respectively
  • Chinese and Japenese IPs are blocked by all casino DApps
  • Address the risks of casino DApps through community announcements and daily notifications, to remind users of the risks of asset loss and addiction.
  • Enhance communication with casino DApp teams and provide guidance and necessary monitoring.
  • Promoting the development of quality DApp with real usability by providing support.



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IOST プラットフォーム開発者コミュニティ。MEET IOSTコミュニティでネットワークノードを管理、エコシステムから生まれる 報酬をコミュニティ活動とDAppプロジェクトのスタートトリガーとして活用する。